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  • Activity Stream 2017.11.07.1100-7f4e3634: A rich visual history feed and a reimagined home page make it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for in Firefox.
  • ADB Helper 0.11.2: An add-on to ease connecting to Firefox for Android.
  • Application Update Service Helper 2.0: Sets value(s) in the update url based on custom checks.
  • Clippings 6.0.1: Save frequently-entered text for pasting later.
  • CookiErazor 1.1: Enhance privacy by automatically deleting cookies when they're not needed anymore
  • Disable Media WMF NV12 format 1.1: This disables NV12 surface format on Windows for AMD graphic adapters, see bug 1417442
  • Firefox Screenshots 19.2.0:
  • Follow-on Search Telemetry 0.9.6:
  • Forecastfox (fix version) 4.11: Get international weather forecasts with this highly customizable extension
  • Form Autofill 1.0: Autofill forms with saved profiles
  • Kee Kee adds free, secure and easy password management features to your browser which save time and keep your private data more secure.
  • Multi-process staged rollout 3.05: Staged rollout of Firefox multi-process feature.
  • Photon onboarding 1.0: Photon onboarding
  • Pocket 1.0.5: When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.
  • Shield Recipe Client 76.1: Client to download and run recipes for SHIELD, Heartbeat, etc.
  • Stylus Gestalte das Web neu mit Stylus, dem Style Manager. Stylus ermöglicht dir ganz einfach Themes und Designs für viele populäre Websites zu installieren.
  • Tampermonkey 4.5.5590: The world's most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users
  • uBlock Origin 1.14.10: Endlich ein effizienter Blocker. Prozessor-freundlich und bescheiden beim Speicherbedarf.
  • Web Compat 1.1: Urgent post-release fixes for web compatibility.

Themes (3)

  • Dunkel : Ein Theme mit dunklen Farben [deaktiviert]
  • Hell : Ein Theme mit hellen Farben [deaktiviert]
  • Standard 57.0: Das Standard-Theme.

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